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    Weight Measure

    Measurement devices

    analytical balance | balance scale | dimensioner | load cell | lysimeter | pendulum balance scale | pneumatic scale | scale | spring scale | steelyard balance | strain gauge scale (total: 11)


    analytical balance | A balance designed used for measuring small masses.
balance scale | A scale that uses a horizontal level and a set of standard masses to weigh an object.
dimensioner | A weighing and volume measuring system for measuring three-dimensional or cube shaped objects such as packages, parcels, pallets, cartons, and boxes.
load cell | A transducer that is used to convert a force measurement into an electrical signal.
lysimeter | A measuring device which can be used to measure the amount of actual evapotranspiration which is released by plants, usually crops or trees.
pendulum balance scale | A balance scale that uses a pendulum for the lever.
pneumatic scale | A scale that measures hydraulic force to calculate weight.
scale (generic) | A measuring instrument used for determining the weight or mass of an object.
spring scale | A scale that uses spring deflection to determine mass.
steelyard balance | A straight-beam balance with arms of unequal length that incorporates a counterweight which slides along the calibrated longer arm to counterbalance the load and indicate its weight.
strain gauge scale | A spring scale that uses a strain gauge attached to a beam supporting the mass. It is often used to measure very heavy objects.

    Instance of

    analytical balance | scale | balance scale
balance scale | scale
pendulum balance scale | scale | balance scale
pneumatic scale | scale
spring scale | scale
steelyard balance | scale
strain gauge scale | scale | spring scale | strain gauge

    Specific instances

    balance scale | analytical balance | pendulum balance scale
scale (generic) | quartz crystal microbalance | analytical balance | balance scale | pendulum balance scale | pneumatic scale | spring scale | strain gauge scale | steelyard balance
spring scale | strain gauge scale

    Quantities measured

    analytical balance | mass | weight
balance scale | mass | weight
dimensioner | weight | volume
load cell | force | weight
lysimeter | weight
pendulum balance scale | mass | weight
pneumatic scale | mass | weight
scale (generic) | mass | weight
spring scale | mass | weight
steelyard balance | weight
strain gauge scale | mass | weight


     | normal range | normal precision
analytical balance | mass: (0.001 to 0.1) mg | mass: 1 μg
spring scale | | mass: 1% | weight: 1%