SSAT/ISEE Test Prep in Western Reserve

Earn Your Highest Marks on the SSAT or ISEE with Club Z! of the Western Reserve!

If your child must take the SSAT or ISEE for school admission, Club Z! can help! Both the SSAT and ISEE are designed to measure verbal and quantitative reasoning skills, so that independent or private schools can determine a student’s qualifications for admissions, and also determine course placement, if admitted. Club Z! works one-on-one in your home to help you maximize your score results on the ISEE or SSAT, to ensure a smooth transition into the school of your choice.

Club Z!’s ISEE and SSAT tutoring programs use a comprehensive approach, covering math, verbal, reading comprehension, and even writing skills. In addition to a grade-level appropriate review of all the above skills, the student will be given a practice exam to assess strengths and weaknesses and to build familiarity with the test format. The individualized program allows the tutor to adjust the study program to your child’s needs, providing a lesson plan that will focus extra attention where your child needs the most help. Our one-on-one, individualized approach will help your child to achieve his or her best result on the SSAT and ISEE. To schedule your practice exam for the ISEE or SSAT, call Club Z! today!