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    Test Prep

    Club Z! Tutoring has been an in-home and online test prep tutoring leader for decades. Our tutors have years of test prep tutoring experience, and many have even scored in the 99th percentile. Club Z! Tutoring has over 400 franchise locations helping students succeed every single day. Are you interested in having your student succeed on their next entrance exam? If so, Club Z! Tutoring has tutors ready to help your student master their next test prep exam.

    Our tutors have years of test prep tutoring experience that will help your student increase their test scores drastically! Our test prep programs on average increase a student’s SAT score by over 140 points, and ACT score by over four cumulative points!

    Whether it’s your first time taking the ACT or SAT or your third, Club Z! test prep offers you the tools you need to tackle these tests with confidence! Our recipe for success is simple: we offer one-on-one test prep, built to fit your family’s needs and preferences, taught by top-notch instructors. In addition, all of our SAT and ACT prep programs include access to our highly-effective online study tool, Z Prep! Score Booster.

    The Z Prep! Score Booster features:

    • Diagnostic testing with detailed analysis of a student’s strengths and weaknesses, broken down by subjects and sub scores, as well as a projected score for the SAT or ACT.

    • Video modules from top tutors demonstrating the correct way to solve each and every question on the diagnostic test.

    • Multiple full-length practice tests, complete with video answer explanations for each and every test question.

    • Access to hundreds of additional Study Hall video tutorials covering all subjects/topics measured on the SAT and ACT.

    • Our comprehensive Word Smith vocabulary builder to help improve reading fluency and understanding words in context (both of which are measured on the ACT and SAT).

    Test Prep Resources

    Although there are no shortage of available web sites, YouTube videos, and other online resources for struggling students, most students will see the greatest benefit from direct instruction with a live tutor. This type of instructional approach to online tutoring allows students the opportunity to ask questions and clarify responses, which significantly improves retention and recall on the next quiz, test, or assignment. This is exactly the kind of approach that Z Prep! Online Tutoring offers its students. Working with a national organization like Club Z!, that offers both in-home and online tutoring, such as Z Prep! Online Tutoring, will also give you peace of mind that your tutor has been properly vetted, and is qualified to handle the subject at hand. And whether you prefer in-home test prep lessons, or one of our online test prep classes would better fit your schedule, there are options for all students.

    Below, is just a few of the test we can help your student master. If you have any questions, or would like to speak directly with an educational consultant, please call 800-434-2582 or fill out the form above!

    In Home & Online Test Prep Tutoring | Test Prep Tutors

    GED Test Prep Tutoring with a Club Z! Tutor. For the past two decades, Club Z! GED tutors have been helping students pass their GED test with flying colors! Club Z! has expert GED tutors ready to help you every step of the way! Most of our GED tutors have scored high on the GED exam, and will create you a customized learning program that will fit your desired GED tutoring needs.

    In Home & Online Test Prep Tutoring | Test Prep Tutors

    ISEE & SSAT Test Prep Tutoring with a Club Z! Tutor. Club Z!’s ISEE and SSAT tutoring programs use a comprehensive approach, covering math, verbal, reading comprehension, and even writing skills. In addition to a grade-level appropriate review of all the above skills, the student will be given a ISEE/SSAT practice exam to assess strengths and weaknesses and to build familiarity with the ISEE/SSAT test format.

    In Home & Online Test Prep Tutoring | Test Prep Tutors

    GRE Test Prep Tutoring with a Club Z! Tutor. Club Z! Getting ready for grad school? GRE tutors can help you prepare for the GRE that is required for admittance to most graduate study programs in the US. Our GRE program identifies your weakest areas up front and then tailors a GRE study program for you to focus on all the areas of the GRE test.

    In Home & Online Test Prep Tutoring | Test Prep Tutors

    ASVAB Test Prep Tutoring with a Club Z! Tutor. Club Z!’s ASVAB tutors are available to help out all those Americans interested in joining the United States armed forces. Our ASVAB test prep tutoring services will provide the skills and knowledge necessary in each of the nine sections on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB test.

    In Home & Online Test Prep Tutoring | Test Prep Tutors

    PreACT Test Prep Tutoring with a Club Z! Tutor. Club Z! Tutoring helps you prepare for the preACT with the help of a Club Z! preACT tutor. With the help of a Club Z! preACT tutor, you can maximize your score on the preACT and set yourself up for success on the real ACT test as well.

    In Home & Online Test Prep Tutoring | Test Prep Tutors

    ACT Tutoring with a Club Z! Tutor. With Club Z! Tutoring you will receive a personalize ACT program from our exceptional in-home and online ACT tutors. Our ACT tutoring professionals are well trained in ACT Test Preparation and ACT tutoring, and are excited to help you succeed! Club Z! tutoring has helped students across the country increase their ACT scores on average 3-4 cumulative points.

    In Home & Online Test Prep Tutoring | Test Prep Tutors

    SAT Tutoring with a Club Z! Tutor. Our SAT Test Prep Tutoring Program will help you feel confident on your SAT test date. Club Z! SAT Tutors on average will help you increase your scores by 160 points. With Club Z! Tutoring we provide you with a top tier SAT tutor who can work closely with you and help you properly prepare for the SAT Test. We offer many SAT test prep options for your student.

    In Home & Online Test Prep Tutoring | Test Prep Tutors

    PSAT Test Prep Tutoring with a Club Z! Tutor. As a first step in college entrance exams, the PSAT helps students become familiar with college entrance exam format and subject matter. Armed with their PSAT experience and scores, student study time can be more productive and the focus can be on areas where they need improvement.

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