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COVID Learning Loss Worries Educators for the Fall Semester

COVID – 19 has been a real game changer for everyone in education.  From students having to transition to online learning and to the teachers who had to reinvent lessons in that environment.  No one anticipated that this learning style would go to the rest of the school year but – it did.

Education Weekly recently published an article titled “Pandemic Learning Loss”.  The article mentions that while teachers are well aware and prepared for the two month “summer slide”, a five-month absence from the classroom is unprecedented.  This absence will be difficult for most students when school restarts but for those students who were struggling prior to the pandemic, the return to the classroom may have a deeper negative impact than expected.  For those students who were doing well, the “missed learning” may lower confidence levels and negatively impact their grades.

While social distancing has been the norm, NY State has developed a timeline as to when the state will officially open.  If current trends stay in place all of New York north of the city could be back to normal by mid to late June.  This is great news as it allows students to get back into the “classroom” learning mode in a timely manner for the fall.

At Club Z! of Orange County, NY we have resources available for you that will help get your child ready for the school year.  We help students from K-12, college and beyond.  Our most popular summer programs include:

  • Learning Built to Last™ our 30-hour study skills program that targets the different learning styles and habits of students from grades 6-12. The program includes
    • Time and self-management skills
    • Improving concentration and memory
    • Organization skills
    • Test prep and test anxiety
    • Homework management
    • Writing papers and essays


  • The Power of Words and Homework Exercises our writing skills improvement course that is designed for students in grades 5-12 to help students
    • Gain better writing mechanics
    • Enhance style and flow of their writing
    • Learn how to write effective narratives, poems, essays and research papers
    • Prepare for the SAT/ACT and college application essay writing


  • Let the Learning Begin™ our Pre-K Learning Program designed for students aged 3-5. This program helps young students
    • Identify alphabet letters and sounds
    • Teach proper pencil-holding and posture
    • Eliminate problems with letter formation
    • Correct letter reversals
    • Improve legibility and word spacing
    • Prepare for letter blending which leads the way to basic reading


  • Z! Prep our SAT/ACT Test Prep program designed to increase student scores and be ready for the test. This program includes
    • Individualized one-on-one instruction with a test prep expert
    • An in-depth diagnostic test to determine weaknesses
    • A thorough review of test content in all subjects
    • Multiple practice tests to improve speed and accuracy
    • Homework assignments tailored to each student
    • Proven strategies for pacing, active reading
    • Flexible options for in-home and online instruction


  • High and Middle School specific subject areas
    • Math – pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics
    • Science – Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

New York may be “Un-Paused” in the coming weeks, but your child’s education never was “paused”.  Many Middle and High School students will be moving up to higher grades but their foundations and understanding for classes this year may not be strong enough for the new material  We are here to help you and your child slowly get back into learning and do it in a meaningful way.

For more information please call us at (845) 378-1448 today.  We are offering special pricing for our summer programs, but you must sign up by July 1, 2020.