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Home schooling tips for parents


Small successes each day can help lay a foundation for learning and Club Z! of Orange County, NY would love to share a few tips for parents who find themselves taking on the role of teacher on top of the normal demands of parenting.

Set an age-appropriate schedule including blocks for free play

Stick to a normal sleep schedule

Teach outside the curriculum – this is a great time to share life skills (and chores) with your children.

Help your children organize their school materials

Make time to read every day

Find a podcast the whole family will love.

Let your child pick a few topics they want to learn about and help them find good online resources.

Many museums, zoos, and aquariums are live-streaming educational programing.  Pick a favorite and make it part of your day.

Take a virtual tour of some of the world’s top museums.

Follow some of your/your kids’ favorite authors and artists on social media.  Many artists are hosting draw-alongs or read-alongs, especially for the younger crowd.

Play to your strengths!  If there are subject(s) that make you sweat, sign up for online tutoring so you don’t have to manage everything yourself.

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