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Pandemic Learning Loss

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been a major disruption for many of us and it is believed that students may be impacted harder than expected.  While most educators have to deal with the “summer slide” each new school year, students this spring were abruptly pulled from classrooms and had to go into a new world of online instruction.  The benefits of the online learning environment is still being determined but one thing is for sure, many students experienced “missed learning”.  This will have an impact on teachers as they now have to work, not only through the “summer slide” but, the “missed learning” which will diminish students readiness as they move up for the next school year.

In a recent article in Education Week, writers Heather C. Hill and Susanne Loeb describe what teachers may need to do to help students when we get back to normal, and what that looks like going forward.

We have attached a link here for your convenience.

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