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SAT/ACT Test delay allows for more prep time this Spring

Preparing for the SAT/ACT is all about taking advantage of useful time and proper preparation.  As regular school schedules, extracurricular activities and other obligations come to a halt, now there is an opportunity to take advantage of that time.

At Club Z! we have multiple ways to prep for these exams.  Our online Z Prep! program is designed  to help students prepare effectively and be ready on test day.

Our Z PREP! Score Booster! offers –

*Detailed practice tests that can be taken online or via paper-and-pencil

*Immediate diagnostic tests results provided, as well as a projected score
for the SAT/ACT

*A structured study plan to help students prepare by providing days and times to work the material and focus on those areas of weakness

*Watch a top SAT/ACT tutor demonstrate solutions for each test question

*Access to hundreds of SAT/ACT instructional videos, quizzes and a comprehensive vocabulary builder for additional review

*Perfect for students who need help to stay focused

To learn more about this and other test prep programs we offer please call (845) 202-0336 or email us at