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Will the summer break impact your kids?

Summer will be upon us sooner than you think and with that the old phrase from my youth comes to mind, “no more teachers, no more books”.  As exciting as the summer can be for our kids, the “summer slide” can be a real issue for some come the fall.  Students at the elementary and middle school level who struggle with reading and math, can be impacted more than any other.  A study from 2011 in the attached article found “students can lose up to two grade levels of reading skills due to summer reading loss by the time they reach sixth grade.”

The loss that some students experience can be profound especially during transitional periods, elementary to middle school and then into high school.  The more engaged a student is during the summer break, the less of an impact the summer slide can be.  Studies also show that the earlier a child is prepared for the next level the greater their confidence will be for the new year.  “A Harvard University meta-analysis published in 2013 found that reading interventions for children in kindergarten through eighth grade improved reading outcomes….”  Reading is important no matter what you do in life.  Improving reading and writing skills during the summer can be the best way to get your child ready for the next school year.

Club Z! of Orange County, NY can be that resource to help get your child ready.  Even though the summer break may seem distant right now, scheduling a tutor for the summer guarantees the help your child needs.  Call us today at (845) 378-1448 to schedule a no cost consultation to learn how we can help.