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Our office provides in home and online summer tutoring services in the following locations including Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Glencoe, Daytona Beach, and Samsula in Florida.

Summer Tutoring: In Home & Online

Summer is the time of year where kids happily retire their books and backpacks, in exchange for flip flops and bathing suits. But this is also a time of year that parents often dread because, for many children the summer months can be a time of boredom, filled with long hours of mindless video games and unimaginative television watching. This lapse in learning can also have a negative impact on your child’s knowledge retention and preparedness for the following school year. In fact, research studies have shown that, on average, students lose 2.6 months of grade-level equivalency in mathematical computation skills before going back to school in the fall. If you’re interested in helping to prevent mathematical regression, then choose a Club Z! summer tutor to help you student!

With Club Z! Tutoring of Port Orange, FL summer tutoring programs, you can ensure that your children don’t lose any of the round they worked so hard to gain during the school year. Club Z! offers affordable, flexible summer tutoring programs to meet the needs of any student in grades pre-K through 12.

Our highly skilled tutors provide one-on-one instruction in the comfort and convenience of your home, around your busy summer schedule. Sessions are also available online, or in small groups at the local library, or other convenient locations. Whether your child needs reinforcement of concepts from the previous school year, or wants to get a jump on the next school year, Club Z! has curriculum and instructional programs in place to help him/her succeed!

Club Z! Tutoring of Port Orange, FL summer tutoring programs include:
SAT Test Prep, ACT Test Prep, Learning Built to Last® study skills for grades 5-12, The Power of Words ® writing program for grades 5-12, High school reading programs for remedial and advanced readers, Let the Learning Begin™ Kindergarten readiness, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs, Foreign language tutoring; and more!

Avoid your children becoming TV-worshiping zombies this summer – instead, help them build academic self-confidence through summer tutoring. When you get their first-quarter grades in October, you’ll be glad you did!

In addition to Port Orange, our office offers summer tutoring services in the following locations: New Smyrna Beach, Glencoe, Daytona Beach, and Samsula in Florida.

To get details on what summer tutoring programs are offered in your area, call Club Z! Tutoring of Port Orange, FL today at 386-310-1921, or fill out our contact form to speak with an Educational Specialist.

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