Pre-ACT Test Prep in Western Reserve

Start Preparing for the pre-ACT Now with Club Z! of the Western Reserve!

If you’re among the thousands of 10th grade student who will take the pre-ACT this year, and you want to do your very best, Club Z! can help! The pre-ACT is multiple-choice, paper-and-pencil exam designed to mimic the actual ACT college entrance exam in test question formatting and difficulty. It tests student knowledge in reading, science, math, and English. And although it is shorter than the actual ACT, it is scored on the same 1-36 scale, so your performance will be a good indicator of how well you’ll do on the ACT. So why not prepare for the pre-ACT with the help of a Club Z! tutor?

With the help of a Club Z! ACT tutor, you can maximize your score on the pre-ACT and set yourself up for success on the real ACT as well. Our proprietary ACT diagnostic test will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, so we can develop a custom test prep plan for you. Our expert test prep tutors will share proven test taking strategies, conduct a thorough material review, and give you ample opportunity to improve your skills through mock exams and additional practice problems. Don’t wait for the pre-ACT to find out how well you’ll do. Call Club Z! today to schedule your ACT diagnostic test now!