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Taking the SAT is one of the most important steps toward preparing for your future. Your SAT results are key to helping you get into the college or university of your choice. Z Prep! has been helping students prepare for the SAT for over twenty years. We know that good results come from good preparation. A good study and preparation program will help you improve your score significantly. The comprehensive and individualized Z Prep! approach helps you get your best test results on the SAT.

Get Prepped For The New SAT

Available now, updated and enhanced for recent changes to the SAT Exam. Some additions to our program:
  • ‣ New SAT – Online diagnostic testing now available
  • ‣ New SAT – Get a projected score based on your diagnostic test
  • ‣ New SAT – Answers and explanations to diagnostic test problems
  • ‣ New SAT – Explore the differences between ACT and SAT and decide which is best for you




Individual Hours Also Available

A la carte is great for help with individual subjects. On average, students have seen their scores improve by as much as 30 points for every 5-8 a la carte hours and completion of homework assignments. Like the full SAT test prep program, a la carte prep covers all areas of the exam including SAT Math, Reading, and Writing and is based on the student’s individual needs.

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