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Benefits of Common Core

Implementing the Common Core curriculum into the classroom has come with lots of questions and concerns from students, parents and education professionals. But, despite these hesitations and initial hurdles that students and teachers had to overcome, educators believe that Common Core will ultimately be very beneficial to students and their education. Here are some benefits of teaching Common Core in the classroom:

Brings Creativity Back

Common Core brings hands-on activities back into the classroom, requiring students to explain how they came to their conclusion.  The curriculum streamlines content, and with less to cover, provides more time to implement these hands-on problems to be solved. Students are forced to spend time reflecting on their thought process. When they can explore a concept and really immerse themselves in that content, it results in a greater understanding that goes beyond testing.

It’s Collaborative

Common Core allows educators to take ownership of the curriculum, allowing teachers to decide what information is best for students and how to deliver it. Implementing this curriculum has enhanced teacher collaboration and professional development. Since teachers across the nation are teaching the same curriculum, it opens them up to sharing their best practices with each other. It also provides the opportunity for meaningful professional development as the education community is all on the same page.

Prepares Students For College

The Common Core Standards have increased the rigor in some classrooms and may better prepare students for college and global work success. Preparing kids for college and careers widely appeal to parents and the community, which was one of the biggest reasons that the Common Core Standards were created. Higher education has long complained that more and more students need remediation at the beginning of college. If a student is taught how to think critically and how to read texts for information and analysis, and can explain their thesis behind their answer, they’ll have options when it comes to preparing for college.  Students who are used to Common Core thinking and problem solving will be able to decide what kind of career path to follow and feel ready to do a higher level of work that is expected in our society.

The Club Z! tutoring program has always focused on individualized, direct instruction using scaffolding techniques. These techniques complement Common Core Standards and allow for individualized and differentiated instruction with every single student we tutor. We understand the Common Core Curriculum and our programs are specifically designed to help your child succeed with these rigorous new standards.

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