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Tips For Finding the Right College

Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions of a high-schooler’s life. From large public universities with thousands of students and majors to choose from, to smaller private schools with a narrow field of focus, the college choices are endless. Help your child narrow down their search with these tips for finding the right school:

  • Curriculum– This is probably the most important factor when it comes to deciding on a school. Look for schools that offer the right courses and facilities offered for the kinds of studies your child wants to undertake.
  • Location – Decide where your child wants to go to college. Living at home, living near a big city or living in a smaller, more quiet setting will all have an impact on their choice.
  • Size – Will a large university overwhelm your child or is that exciting camaraderie just what  they’re looking for? Does your child need more one-on-one attention in the classroom, or will they fare best in a large, stadium style classroom setting?
  • Sports and Activities – A rich social life is an important part of college. If your child is looking to play sports or be involved in activities and organizations, they’ll want to make sure they choose a college with all of that to offer.
  • Cost – Cost is obviously a huge factor when determining which college your child will attend. But keep in mind that financial aid or scholarships are always a possibility. Inquire about financial aid or what academic grants your child may be eligible for to help offset the expense of school.
  • Academic Standards – Find out what the average test score is for the accepted students at the college of your child’s choice. If their  scores aren’t quite high enough, they might have to emphasize other attributes to the admissions officers.
  • Visit the Campus – Take your child to see an array of school, so they can get a feel for what it would be like to attend. Schedule an open house tour, meet with admissions counselors and be sure to speak with current students on campus and alumni, who will be able to shed some light on what college life is like there.

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