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Ways To Help Your Child Prepare for Midterms and Testing

If you have a high schooler in your life, midterm time can be really stressful for them. While some students breeze right through this nerve-wracking period, others might need a little encouragement or help on managing to study for multiple exams. Here are some ways you can help your child prepare for their tests:  

Help Them Get Organized:

Helping your child to develop effective study habits is beneficial in getting them organized before a big test. Sit down together and arrange their school binder by content.  This will make it easier for them to navigate through content come study time. Also, be sure that your child has a designated quiet place for studying free from distractions.

Don’t Procrastinate:

Teaching your teens not to wait until the last minute to cram for an exam is an effective tactic for earning good grades. Instead, encourage them to set aside some time every day to review handouts, memorize material and even make a game out of studying!

Stay Hydrated:

Don’t underestimate the power of staying hydrated!  Water is an essential ingredient to our physical and mental well-being.  Ensuring that your child stays hydrated will keep them focused and will help their short term and long term memory function. Your child should drink water before and after an exam!

Find a Study Buddy:

Many teens have found that they are more successful when studying with a partner. If that’s the case for your child, suggest a study session with a friend, or better yet, a tutor! Study buddies can help quiz your child, explain information that  they are having trouble with and can make the task of studying seem less overwhelming.

If your child overwhelmed with the thought of midterms, ease their fears and help them ace their tests with a little help from Club Z!  We’re here to give every individual student the tools and skills they need to reach their true potential.We’re proud to serve the Santa Monica, Venice, Brentwood and Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles. To learn about how Club Z! can make a difference in your child’s education, visit us here or give us a call at 424-214-0709. Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter too!