Brain Games to Play in the Car

Brain Games to Play in the Car

For those of us who are hitting the open road this summer, with a car full of kids no less, activities that entertain (and stave off the endless “are we there yet?” questions) are a necessity! One easy way to keep your kids’ minds off the destination, and more on the journey, is to give them brain games to play in the car. Of course, kids are all-too-prepared with their tech toys – tablets, handheld gaming systems, DVD players, and the like – but why not encourage them to flex their brain muscles with some good old-fashioned family games using their 5 senses.


The quintessential road-trip game, I-Spy, requires one player to “spy” something in the vehicle, and the other players to guess what player 1 has spied. The players that are guessing can ask questions to clarify the item, or simply make guesses in a rotation. This game is best for players ages 5 and up.

The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game (also known as the Sign Game in some family circles) is one that can be played using billboards, vehicle signs, restaurant signs and signage from other retailers. Players compete against one another by calling out signs in alphabetical order until all 26 letters of the alphabet have been completed. Letters have to be at the start of a word on the signage to count, but it’s generally acceptable to count some letters (think: Q and X) even if they are found in the middle of a word. This game is best for players 7 and up.

The Counting Game

The Counting Game is a great game for your youngest players! Simply pick the item that should be counted (e.g. blue cars, signs from your favorite coffee shop franchise, white semi-trucks, etc.) and see who can count the most of that item before reaching your final destination. Players as young as 3 can generally play this game with ease.

For more brain games to play in the car, including games of memory, rhythm and rhyme, and music, check out this link to the Top 10 Road Trip Games from Edmunds.com.

Summer SAT and ACT Classes Now Forming!

Summer SAT and ACT Classes Now Forming!

In case you missed it, the College Board (makers of the SAT college entrance exam) announced a new August test date for the SAT this year. That means that students will have an earlier opportunity to take the SAT, on August 26, 2017. In order to make space for the early fall test administration date, the College Board also announced that they would not offer the normally scheduled January test date, starting with 2018. Registration is currently open for students wishing to take the August SAT and get a jump start on their path to college success. The first ACT exam of the 2017-18 school year will be offered on September 9, 2017, with ACT registration for that test date opening in August. So what does this mean for current sophomores and juniors? There’s no time like summer for SAT and ACT preparation!

To help students achieve their highest scores this fall, Club Z! is offering summer SAT and ACT online classes, beginning in June. Classes will feature 12 hours of instruction with a live tutor using Club Z!’s web-based teaching platform. Each course will run for 4 weeks, include an in-depth diagnostic test, and access to the Z Prep! Score Booster online study tool. Space is limited for this intensive course, so call 800-434-2582 for more information, or register to attend a summer SAT or ACT online course today.

Best Spots for Family Summer Vacation

Best Spots for Family Summer Vacation

Parents, kids, and teachers throughout the country are all eagerly counting down the days…nay, minutes…until summer vacation! Whether it’s a welcomed break from the rigors of the classroom, or just an opportunity to explore new adventures at home or on a proper vacation, summer offers endless opportunities for rest and relaxation. If you’re looking for the best spots for your family summer vacation, check out this post from National Geographic on the best places to take your family on vacation this summer.

The short list came from a variety of parent bloggers and attendees of last year’s Mom 2.0 Summit and include hot spots from coast to coast, as far west as California’s sunny San Diego to as far east as Cape Code, Massachusetts. The list features locations that allow families to get outside and enjoy the elements – from beaches to cave exploration and everything in between!

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous (and maybe a tinge of wanderlust), check out the Top 10 Summer Destinations from The Travel Channel too. From far away destinations like Dubai, Amsterdam, and Bora Bora to more accessible US-based locales like Virginia Beach, Catalina Island, and Miami, this list has options for every family member.

Wherever you’re headed this summer, be sure to pack the sunscreen and a good pair of walking shoes!

Summer SAT and ACT Classes Forming Now – Space is limited!

Summer SAT and ACT Classes Forming Now – Space is limited!

Summer can mean a never-ending stream of video games, social media, and late nights for your teen. But it’s also one of the BEST times to study for the SAT and ACT. If you are planning your summer activities for your high school-aged students, don’t rule out summer SAT and ACT test prep! Without the burden of homework and extracurricular activities, your students can focus on their futures with a targeted Z Prep! Online test prep program.

Enrollment is now open for our June and July online test prep classes. Space is limited, so register today to secure your spot!

Z Prep! Online SAT and ACT prep courses include:

  • In-depth diagnostic testing identifying your student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Detailed reporting with projected score ranges for the SAT or ACT
  • Online video demonstrations from a top tutor showing how to solve SAT and ACT problems
  • 12 hours of live, online instruction taught by an expert SAT or ACT instructor
  • All sessions are recorded in HD for easy playback and reinforcement
  • Additional self-guided video study modules for students to watch at any time
  • Flexible summer scheduling makes it easy for students to attend
  • Easy online accessrequires Windows 7 or higher OS and Firefox or Chrome browser

Here are 5 tips all students can use to get a jump on these important college entrance exams:

  1. Know your test dates. Whether you plan to take the SAT, ACT, or both (which we highly recommend!) you’ll need to know when each test is offered so you can plan your study plan accordingly. It’s important to know that the SAT will be offered in August for the first time this year!
  2. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses for the test. Is there a subject area you need to brush up on before the test? Do you generally struggle with test anxiety? Knowing what your potential problem areas are prior to the test gives you ample opportunity to work on improving those skills before the big day. If you’re unsure, our diagnostic test can help you pinpoint these areas.
  3. Think ahead. Start looking at colleges. Start thinking about possible majors or areas of study. Start thinking about scholarships and grant opportunities. A good score on the SAT or ACT can help improve your chances of getting into the school or major of your choice, and even qualifying for financial aid.
  4. Practice, practice, practice. Even if you’ve never seen a SAT or ACT test before, you can familiarize yourself with the layout, test questions, formatting, pacing, etc. by taking a practice test.
  5. Don’t delay. Waiting until the last minute to register for a test, or even figure out which test to take, can add undue pressure and stress on an already potentially-stressful situation. Proper planning gives you peace of mind that you’ll do well on the test day.

Register online today for one of our 4-week test prep courses, and start the path to college TODAY!

Develop Kindergarten Skills this Summer

Develop Kindergarten Skills this Summer

This summer, many parents will start helping their 4 and 5-year old children get ready for kindergarten in the fall. It is very common for parents of children who have never been enrolled in a preschool program to be concerned about whether or not their children are prepared to handle the rigors of a Kindergarten classroom. Even parents of children who have successfully completed a pre-Kindergarten program may have doubts about whether or not their children possess the skills necessary to succeed in the fall. Kindergarten is such an important transition for students, whether they’ve completed preschool or not, as it sets the tone for the elementary school years. Continue reading

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