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    Club Z! offers several school support programs, taught by highly qualified educators. Our tutors help families in their homeschool journeys by providing either in-home or online support at many different levels, including supplementing instruction or teaching courses from start to finish, recommending curriculum and assessments, and helping with record-keeping.  Club Z! tutors are also available to support students with school-based distance learning programs.

    Our school support programs are affordable and flexible, with options available for one-on-one and small groups or “learning pods” of students grouped by grade level.  Whatever your needs are, Club Z! can help take the pressure off of busy parents and enrich the educational experience of the students.

    Club Z! Helps Students With:

    • Individual Subject Tutoring or Full School Program Implementation
    • One-on-one Instructional Lessons and Small Group Instructional “Pods” or Peer Learning Groups
    • Curriculum Selection and Implementation
    • Assistance with Homeschool Reporting and Record-keeping
    • Enrichment Opportunities
    • Licensed, Screened & Background Checked Teachers

    Homeschooling: Club Z! Provides Flexible Options To Fit Every Family’s Needs:

    Club Z! Tutoring understands that unprecedented times can cause anxiety for both the parent and student, which is why we provide options to fully replace school or supplement the student’s current learning experience.

    We Handle It All
    Club Z! Provides families with live instruction- either in person or online, scheduling, homework supervision, and can also assist with accreditation to ensure your student gets full credit for his or her homeschooling.

    Customized Approach
    Club Z! is the nation’s leader in One-on-One Tutoring. We provide each family with a personalized tutoring plan that is customized to the student’s needs.

    Learning Pods: An Affordable Local Tutoring Solution

    Learning From Home Or A Communal Location
    Club Z! assists students and families by providing a local tutor to assist students in a small group setting.

    Learning With Peers
    Club Z! provides local “learning pods” comprised of students peers. If you’re interested in starting your own local “learning pod” please reach out to an educational specialist.

    Simply fill out the above form, or call (800) 434-2582 today! We are looking forward to helping your student succeed.

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