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– Our foreign language classes are 2-week long courses with varying topics.
– Students receive live instruction from a highly qualified foreign language instructor using our virtual learning platform.

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July and August 2020 Course Overview – “Let’s Plan a Trip!”

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Week 1

  • Students will be introduced to a short vocabulary list of travel phrases in Spanish.
  • Students will learn to identify Spanish vocabulary to talk about places like museums, malls, parks, zoos, etc.
  • Students will also be introduced to the concept of conjugating verbs in Spanish, including the verb “Ir” (“to go” in Spanish) so that they may use it properly in sentences to describe where they go.
  • Students will participate in online informal assessments.
  • Students will also practice speaking situations with their class peers.

Week 2

  • Students will use learned vocabulary to create an itinerary for a 3-day trip to a city in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Students will work in pairs or small groups to describe travel situations with the introduction of one or two additional simple verbs like “Necesitar” (“to need” in Spanish)
  • At the end of the week, students will share their travel plans with the class using different presentation tools.
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