3 Types of Students Who Benefit from Online Tutoring Most



We have spent a lot of time, and several blog posts, discussing the advantages of both in-home and online tutoring and test prep services. Obviously we are biased since we provide highly effective online and in-home tutoring and test prep to thousands of students each year. But as it turns out, there is no one-size-fits-all when determining which instructional model will best suit your child.

Will Online Tutoring Work for Me?

The general consensus is that as long as a student has an opportunity for direct instruction from a qualified tutor, and a proper learning environment is established, it should lead to positive results. But over the past 20+ years, we have learned some interesting facts about how students learn. How students learn directly impacts which instructional model (in-home tutoring or online tutoring) will work best in helping them achieve their goals. Here are three types of student learning styles that benefit from online tutoring and test prep services:

  1. Hands-on (or kinesthetic) learners.
  2. Auditory learners.
  3. Visual learners.

Understanding Different Learning Styles

There are five learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, sequential, and global. Most people learn best with a combination of these methods. The five styles can be broken into two groups: sensory learning and order learning. Your sensory learning style shows the best way for you to get information into your memory. Sensory learning styles include: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. Visual learners mainly use their eyes to learn, auditory learners mainly use their ears to learn, and kinesthetic learners learn best with hands-on activities. Your order learning style shows the order in which you like information presented. Order learning styles include: sequential and global learning. Sequential learners understand best when information is presented methodically, when each step follows logically from the previous step. Global learners solve problems more easily when they grasp the big picture. Most students have at least one sensory learning style and another order learning style.

Why Online Tutoring?

So, why online tutoring for these three preferred sensory learning types? It’s no doubt that these same learners could benefit from in-home tutoring, provided by a high quality tutor, such as the ones offered through Club Z! Online tutoring, however, engages a different part of a student’s mind through hands-on activities, the use of a virtual white board, the use of both a written chat and video visual aid. Online learning environments can help keep sensory learners engaged, and ensure that knowledge is properly learned and retained. To find a Z Prep! Online tutor near you, call 800-434-2582 or fill out the online form at https://clubztutoring.com/online-tutoring/.