Do Brain Games Really Work?



If you’re like most parents raising kids in this digital age, you are likely worried that your kid’s cell phone or tablet addiction might be wasting more brain cells than feeding them. But did you know that playing “brain games” on your phone or tablet can really work to boost brain development? Check out these 7 free apps for you and your children to keep their minds fresh and engaged through brain games:

  1. SAT Vocab by MindSnacks – Help your teenager prepare for this important college entrance exam (as well as the PSAT and GRE) through this free app. Broken out into 9 cool games, this app offers a new way to tackle an old problem:
  2. Lumosity by Lumos Labs Inc. – This one is good for the entire family – offering a customized brain training program for each user! This app offers brain teasers, puzzles and other brain benders to help keep those synapses firing:
  3. Duolingo by Duolingo – Want to learn a new language while you take the train to work? Check out the Duolingo app, which offers easy modules to learning a new language (currently Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian and English):
  4. Today in History by Downshift LLC – For all of you history buffs out there (and maybe even the history phobic), here’s an app to give you insight into the past in a way that makes it still relevant:
  5. Mathemagics by Blue Lightening Labs – Even if math isn’t your strong suit, this app will help you improve your speed in completing mental math by using fun games and brain teasers. The app even offers math tricks that can be used in a variety of educational settings (think SAT and ACT prep!):
  6. World Geography Challenge by Atom Games Ent. – Think of this one like Geography Jeopardy. Drag and drop names of countries around the world into their appropriate spot on the map. Hover over certain map segments to learn about new countries too:
  7. Brain Games 2 by thepapership – This is the second installation of an old favorite, Brain Games, which offers various games to help sharpen your critical thinking and logic skills while also boosting your IQ:

For more engaging, and longer-lasting, learning benefits, consider working with a tutor. After all, there’s no substitute for a personal interaction with a trained educator to help boost your student’s capacity for learning. And the benefits are endless – from better grades to improved self-confidence, inside and outside of the classroom. To find a highly qualified Club Z! tutor near you, call 800-434-2582.