College Admissions Consulting



For more than 20 years, Club Z! has been offering high quality in-home tutoring and test prep services to students of all ages. But did you know that Club Z! also offers college admissions consulting? Through our preferred network of professional college admissions consultants, Club Z! can now help connect our students to expert advisors for help with everything from selecting the right college or university, to applying for financial aid, choosing the right major or area of study, and submitting the application for college admission. The college application process doesn’t have to be difficult. With help from Club Z!’s college admissions consultants, students and parents can navigate college admissions with ease.

In fact, Club Z! recently announced a FREE webinar series to help bring our students and college admissions advisors together, to share tips and strategies for making the college admissions process easier. In case you missed the first webinar in the series, The Top 5 Mistakes When Choosing a College, you can watch the recording online. Future topics in this webinar series will cover financial aid and scholarship resources, resources for students with specialized educational needs, maximizing college and university site visits, and more! Here are some great tips from the host of our first webinar, Certified Educational Planner Dr. Charlotte Klaar:

How to Make Your Scholarship Application Shine!

In this era where college costs are soaring and grants at state colleges are diminishing, scholarships are more important than ever! Here are six ways to make your application stand out from the competition!

  1. Say what makes you unique. Are you a great athlete or a leader on your teams?  How about a vegetarian, adopted or the first in your family to go to college?
  1.  Show you’re involved. 

Extracurricular activities are a great way to grow as a person. Expand on your passions and interests by joining a club or organization that’s related to your hobby, intended major or future career path.

  1. Volunteer. 

Make an impact by getting involved in community service and volunteer opportunities.  The meaningful experiences you gain will show how well-rounded you are. Be sure to explain HOW these experiences have assisted your personal growth and helped you develop time management, problem-solving and organizational skills.

  1. Quality, not quantity, counts in highlighting your leadership roles.  Show how your experiences have taught you people skills and how to successfully deal with conflicts.
  1. Be error-free and meet all deadlines.
  1. End with a statement that is both personal and shows your personality.
  • Start with a great “first impression” sentence or paragraph.
  • Sell yourself, but tell the truth.
  • Don’t use clichés – be unique and incorporate emotions.
  • Be optimistic.
  • Use active, not passive, verbs.
  • Proofread several times and ask another person to proof it as well.

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