Eat Your Way to a Higher SAT/ACT Score



Ask any parent, or student for that matter, what factors into achieving top scores on important tests, like the SAT or ACT college entrance exams, and they’ll likely rattle off the usual suspects – hard work, focus, studying, reviewing materials, and practice, practice, practice! But there are so many other factors that go into achieving top scores on the SAT and ACT tests, including nutrition. That’s right – students can actually eat their way to higher SAT and ACT test scores! Or, at least they can set themselves up for success on these important tests by preparing with a nutrient-rich and filling meal on test day.

According to this recent article from Huffpost, students need nutritious meals in order to perform their best, but many schools lack adequate funding, and infrastructure, to provide suitable meal programs. The article states:

Studies have shown that healthier meals could increase student scores by about 4 percentage points on average. Healthier meals have also proved to help improve student attendance and behave better in class. However, our students are not able to realize their full potential because we are not giving them the tools to get there. Furthermore, our schools need additional resources and personnel to help create innovative lunchroom strategies and programs.

This logic holds true for students who are planning to take the SAT and ACT college entrance exams. This article from the Chicago Tribune also suggests a breakfast meal with high fiber, carbohydrates and “brain food” such as fatty acids to keep minds sharp, and stomachs from grumbling. When you consider that each test is roughly 3 to 4 hours in length, preparing ahead with a well-balanced and healthy meal means students can focus on recalling information they’ve studied more readily, instead of thinking about that granola bar waiting for them in their backpack.

For ideas on the best breakfasts for SAT and ACT test day, check out this article from or these ideas for “brain food for exams” from Pinterest. If you need help preparing for the content that’s measured on the SAT or ACT, call the experts at Club Z! Tutoring at 800-434-2582 and ask about taking our free diagnostic test.