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Club Z! Tutors: More and more students, parents finding tutoring online

Add to your revenue stream with the Club Z! Tutors live learning platform –

Online tutoring is on the rise. According to Entrepreneur magazine, online tutoring is one of the Top 5 Ed-tech Trends to Look Forward to in 2019. With 5.4% growth as an overall industry and over 11,000 new online tutors in the last year, online tutoring is steadily rising in popularity. Parents and students see online tutoring as a viable, effective and affordable solution for their tutoring needs.

Club Z! Tutors is our proprietary online live learning platform and it’s an excellent option for students seeking on-demand tutoring.

On-demand services like Club Z! Tutors appeal to student’s modern schedules and deadlines. When students need tutoring – and they need it now – online tutors can fulfill the short-term service they’re looking for. Whether they’re on a mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop, students can get the help they need from a qualified, pre-screened tutor of their choosing.

The emergence of virtual learning and mobile-based online tutoring services present students with powerful tools to catch up or get ahead in the class room. And for our franchise owners, online tutoring provides tremendous opportunities for expanding tutoring services across their territories.

Directing potential clients to our online platform captures an audience that may not have considered tutoring as an option for their problems – whether they thought private tutoring was too expensive or thought they didn’t have the time in their schedule to make it work. Online tutoring is also fantastic for franchisees to fill assignments that may be otherwise difficult to staff (e.g. short term assignments, high demand or obscure subjects, etc.).

Club Z! Tutors Features

There are rich resources for tutors and students –

The Club Z! Tutors live learning platform was launched last year, and we are continuously adding improvements to our platform with some exciting new features planned to roll out through 2019.

Some of the exciting features to highlight include our interactive whiteboard with one-on-one tutor webcam access, and a resource library with worksheets for subjects K-12.

Booking lessons and paying for tutoring credit hours is also simple and there’s no extra paperwork.

Tutoring Credits make it simple to choose the tutor you want and easily try out different tutors. Credits do not expire once purchased, so you can return for more sessions later – and you can also reschedule your session if you need to.

Interactive Learning via Whiteboard Instruction

Our live learning platform is customized to make the most of each session, whether students need help with complex math problems, coding or more. Some of our intuitive whiteboard features include:

  • Interactive chat with webcam access, drawing tools, special coding modules and file uploading. Students can upload files of their homework to get specific help.
  • On-demand resource library (worksheets, concepts, test prep, etc.)
  • Updates coming soon: user help and troubleshooting features.

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