Are There Really Such Things as “Learning Styles”?



Students all learn at different paces, and in different ways. That is why Club Z!’s proven study skills program, Learning Built to Last®, begins with a learning style inventory. This helps Club Z! tutors customize a program to help each student’s unique needs. Understanding how students learn, or their preferred learning styles, leads to better understanding and retention of information.

Are there really learning styles?

The Learning Built to Last® study skills program starts with a proprietary Learning Style Diagnostic Test. This test helps students identify which of five learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, sequential, and/or global) they prefer. Visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles are considered sensory learning styles because they deal with learning information through your 5 senses; while sequential and global learning styles have to do with the order in which you prefer to learn information. According to the study skills experts at Club Z!, understanding how you learn best allows you to study more effectively, and improve your knowledge acquisition and retention.

In addition to the Learning Style Diagnostic Test, Club Z!’s Learning Built to Last® study skills program also includes a Study Skills Diagnostic Test, which identifies eleven different academic tools necessary for success in school, and shows which of those tools each student needs to use better. The results of the Study Skills Diagnostic include insightful details on a student’s memorization, concentration, writing, organization, test-taking, information gathering, time-management, anxiety, study habits, comprehension, attitude and motivation.

Students suffering from poor grades across several subjects often struggle more from a lack of study skills than anything else. If you’re curious to find out what kind of learning style best suits your student, Club Z! is offering a free Learning Style Diagnostic Test now through February 28, 2018. Simply call 800-434-2582 or visit to receive your free learning style diagnostic test and a copy of Club Z!’s 10 Study Tips Every Student Should Know e-brochure.