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Red Flags To Academic Struggles

As a parent it is important to recognize, in a timely manner, signs that indicate your child is struggling academically.  A first step is to communicate with your child’s school. Your child may also need additional reinforcement to help get back on track. 1. CHANGE IN GRADES & COMMUNICATIONS FROM SCHOOL:  Most obvious is a change in subjects in which your child usually likes and does well in.  By the time this Red Flag is revealed via the progress report or report card, the struggles have been on-going.  An early indicator of developing struggles could be an increase in notes and communications, coming home from your child’s teacher(s) and/or counselor. 2. CHANGE IN BEHAVIOR, HABITS & INTERESTS: Your child may become introverted and less willing to talk about school and his/her assignments, friends and school activities.  They may spend less time doing homework, reading and studying, and even socializing.  They will divert their troubles to doing video games or watching more television. As children develop, their interests tend to vary as they discover more about their world, but if interest in school abruptly changes, it is a Red Flag. 3. CHANGE IN CONFIDENCE & ATTITUDE: A sudden loss of self-confidence, or change in attitude toward school or family, is a noticeable Red Flag.
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