School Then vs. Now



It’s a rite of passage for many of us parents to tell their children just how good they have it compared to when WE went to school! Just try explaining to your kids how you conducted research for a paper or project by looking up the topic in an actual book. It’s a mind-blowing experience for most kids. But if the thought of an encyclopedia set is mind-blowing, check out this online post from about what schools looked like in the 1800s.


For instance, did you know it was common for kids to have only one recess, combined with lunch, which lasted about an hour? Or that all kids brought their own lunches, and shared water from a communal bucket and cup? In most cases, all students in grades K-8 were combined into a one-room school house for lessons, which were often taught (in part, at least) by older, more advanced students. And in many cases, boys and girls were not only taught separately, but even entered through separate doors to the school house! For more interesting details, check out the post here and be sure to remind your kids how good they really have it.


Happy back to school season!