Sparking Creativity in Children: Use Less Rules



Most parents would agree that creativity and independent thinking are two desirable characters to cultivate in children. But in a society that rewards rule-following, it can be easier said than done to teach our kids how to think outside of the box. Experts argue that prodigies aren’t necessarily born with an innate gift, nor do they master their craft entirely through endless practicing, but that truly creative geniuses must be exposed to a number of different activities and disciplines. Consider this quote from a January 2016 op-ed piece printed in the New York Times titled How to Raise a Creative Child.

Step one: Back off:

“In science, winning a Nobel Prize is less about being a single-minded genius and more about being interested in many things. Relative to typical scientists, Nobel Prize winners are 22 times more likely to perform as actors, dancers or magicians; 12 times more likely to write poetry, plays or novels; seven times more likely to dabble in arts and crafts; and twice as likely to play an instrument or compose music.”

So then, how do we help foster that creativity in our children?

Expose them to every opportunity you can – music, dance, plays, science, math, reading – in order to give them the ability to flex their creative muscles and hone their natural talents, interests, and abilities. If your children show an interest in science, help them see science in everyday activities. If music is their passion, take them to musicals, operas, free concerts in the park. Expose them to different kinds of music, different musicians, and let them form their own opinions and preferences. Make math fun by giving your kids opportunities to measure, sort, collect, and otherwise see math at work in their daily lives. The bottom line – give your children freedom to explore their interests, and help make those experiences fun and interesting.

How Club Z! can help.

One of the main reasons Club Z! has been so successful in helping students succeed and grow academically is that we match our tutors to our students based on a number of factors, including personality. Our tutors work hard to make learning fun and interesting, to engage their students, and to make sure that students are given ample opportunities to explore the subject they are studying in different ways. For more information about how the Club Z! tutor match works, call 800-434-2582 today.