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UT Austin Admission Requirements

Are you looking to enroll at one of the most reputable universities in Texas State and in the US? Perhaps you have UT Austin in mind. Instead of jumping to the application, take the time to understand its admission requirements, which can be summarized as follows:

  • High school GPA requirements
  • SAT or ACT requirements
  • Requirements specific to the application


About UT Austin

Founded in 1883, the University of Texas at Austin is a public institution with its largest campus in Austin, TX and branches throughout the US. It offers over 100 undergraduate degree programs and

more than 180 graduate degree programs through its 15 colleges and schools. Its graduate degree programs in architecture and theater are highly recognized.

Among the most popular graduate schools include McCombs School of Business, School of Nursing, the College of Liberal Arts (the largest), and the Cockrell School of Engineering. Freshmen are not required to reside on campus. The institution is also known for its hundreds of study abroad programs, with the most popular destinations being the UK, China, France, Italy, and Spain.

UT Austin also has more than 85 organized research units on campus, including the Bureau of Business Research, the Center for Biological and Medical Engineering, the institute for Neuroscience, and the Bureau of Economic Geology.

When it comes to undergraduate admissions, the university accepts 31.8% of the total applicants, making it highly selective. Let’s study the admission requirements in detail:

UT Austin GPA Requirements

The most critical admission requirements for UT Austin are those associated with past academic performance. Thus, you might be interested in knowing what high school GPA is required to secure admission. The average high school GPA for admitted students is 3.8, which means you need exceptionally good grades to secure a place in the university.

This, however, doesn’t mean that your admission is guaranteed if your GPA is 3.8. Since the school rejects more applications than it accepts, admission into UT Austin will still be challenging. To stand out, you’ll either need to take the SAT or ACT.

UT Austin SAT Requirements

When it comes to SAT, 78% of the applicants submit this standardized score to UT Austin, which means you’ll need to do well to get accepted. Since the institution regularly accepts the top 20 percent of SAT test takers, try to be among that upper range.

While the school often takes composite SAT scores down to 1230, it has accepted students with as low as 1100 score, but those students had something else very impressive in their profile. The average SAT score for admitted students is 1360, so your aim should be to exceed that level, even if it means taking SAT tutoring.

UT Austin ACT Requirements

If you choose to take ACT instead, keep in mind the average ACT score for admitted students at UT Austin is 30, making the institution strong competitive for ACT. The upper and lower percentile scores for those who get accepted include 27 and 33, respectively. To boost your chances of admission, seek ACT tutoring and aim for a score of 33 or higher.

How to Apply to UT Austin

You will apply to UT Austin either through the Coalition application or ApplyTexas Application. To be considered for admission, you must apply by December 1, while all application materials must be submitted by December 10.

The applicant fee is $75 for domestic applicants and $90 for international applicants. Among the application requirements include an essay, short answer prompts, high school transcripts and class rank, college transcripts, up to two letters of recommendation, and ACT or SAT scores.

Wrapping Up

By now, you should have obtained a fair idea about the admission requirements for UT Austin. Since the SAT or ACT strongly influence admission decisions, spend enough time preparing for the test. To achieve an exceptional SAT or ACT score, seek high-quality tutoring from Club Z Tutoring Services


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