Why Club Z!?



If you’re considering tutoring or test prep services for yourself or your child, you may be looking at a number of different companies. We realize we’re biased in saying this, but Club Z! truly is the BEST when it comes to personalized programs, individualized instruction, and top-notch tutors. But if you’re still wondering, “Why Club Z!?” check out this list of what makes Club Z! so great:

  1. We come to YOU!

With our convenient in-home and online tutoring options, parents avoid the hassle of traveling to a tutoring site. In addition, students receive one-on-one attention without the distractions of a traditional classroom setting. (This is particularly helpful for students who are highly distracted in group settings, or or have specific learning differences that make it difficult to concentrate in large groups). And parents have an opportunity to meet with the tutor after every session to discuss areas of improvement as well as areas in need of remediation.

  1. You get the same tutor, every time.

Unlike many of the brick-and-mortar tutoring companies out there, with Club Z! the same tutor will teach your child every time, so that the rapport that develops between a student and a teacher is never disrupted.  Our tutors are thoroughly screened and background checked, their credentials verified, and we even personally match them to each student they tutor using our Z! Tutor Match process. Our tutors are effective because they understand the personality, interests, and learning style of the student.  We have seen first-hand that when the student is seen as a whole, both learning and self-esteem flourish.

  1. A tutor plays the role of a coach.

Do you ever get the feeling that your child only hears a small fraction of what you’re saying? You’re definitely not alone! In fact, children usually do not respond well to their parents tutoring them on schoolwork.  Bringing in a neutral, encouraging third party can often restart a fresh flow of learning.  It is comparable to a child resisting a father’s advice on how to swing a baseball bat, and then suddenly following orders when the same advice comes from the baseball team’s coach.  Sometimes it just takes another person outside of the parents to reach the child.

  1. We place an emphasis on building life-long study skills.

During every session, Club Z! tutors will emphasize the importance of effective study skills and offer suggestions for improving organization, time management, reading comprehension, and note-taking strategies. This helps addressed to lay the foundation for success in all academic areas. For students needing more intensive study skills development, Club Z! has its proven Learning Built to Last system for students in grades 5-12.

  1. No long-term contracts.

We believe that every student is an individual and should be taught as such. Some students only need a little reinforcement, or help tackling a short-term issue. Other students need help over the course of the entire school year. Whatever your need, Club Z!’s programs are designed to help – without the pressure of a long-term contract.

  1. We work with the schools.

It is common for other tutoring programs to introduce an entirely new curriculum to an already overwhelmed, struggling student.  Club Z! tutors work with your student’s classroom teacher to make sure we stay within the classroom curriculum, using classroom texts, assignments, and materials as the focus of the lessons.  For students wanting to dive deeper into a given subject, Club Z! also has several curriculum programs available – from SAT and ACT prep to reading and writing improvement programs!

  1. We get you fast results!

Because our program tutors within the existing school curriculum, results can happen almost immediately!  In fact, on average our students see a 2 letter grade improvement in just 60 days using our Jump Start program! Tutors and students work together to tackle classroom assignments, upcoming school projects, and prepping for tests.  And in addition to improving grades, our students become more confident learners and feel their self-esteem soar!

So if you’re still looking for a tutoring company to help you or your child, call Club Z! today at 800-434-2582 and see for yourself why parents and teachers agree – Club Z! is simply the best!