Annual Achievement Award Scholarship from Club Z!



As you may already know, Club Z! is North America’s top in-home and online tutoring and test prep company. But did you also know that Club Z! offers a national scholarship award each year to deserving students in grades 5-12? For more than a dozen years, Club Z! has extended its Annual Achievement Award to teachers, counselors, and coaches, who in turn nominate deserving students at their local schools. The nominations include details about obstacles the student has overcome, inside the classroom or out, as well as input on the student’s general attitude, drive, and overall character. Nominations are reviewed by a panel of Club Z! executive staff who select one grand prize award recipient, one runner up, and up to four (4) honorable mention recipients each award period (fall and spring).

The Club Z! Annual Achievement Award allows students to showcase their talents and abilities for a chance to win cash to support their education. And unlike many other scholarship opportunities, whether they’ve shown strong character in the classroom, overcome obstacles at school, shown leadership among their peers, or simply improved since the beginning of the school year, students from all backgrounds and academic achievement levels are eligible to receive an Annual Achievement Award. Cash awards are distributed twice annually, and total more than $25,000 each year! In fact, since 2004, the Award has contributed over a quarter of a million dollars in national and local scholarship funds!

So teachers, coaches and counselors: if you know a student who has overcome obstacles, shown leadership in the classroom or on the field, or just simply demonstrated positive achievement this school year, then call your local Club Z! office at 800-434-2582 or go online to nominate students today at  Students do not have to be Club Z! clients, or receive tutoring from Club Z! to participate. They simply need to have demonstrated achievement to their peers and mentors. The spring Annual Achievement Award deadline is fast approaching, so nominate a student today! To check out our most recent award recipients, visit the Club Z! Annual Achievement Award site.