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Evidence that Tutoring Works!

The Club Z! Advantage is clear – focused, one-on-one instruction, tailored to each student’s individual needs and preferences. It is this individualized attention and commitment to delivering quality educational services that have helped Club Z! stand out as the leader in tutoring and test prep for more than 20 years! But it isn’t just Club Z!’s individualized education plans and quality services that families love; Club Z!’s tutoring and test prep programs really work!

In fact, Club Z!’s tutoring and test prep programs have been proven to be effective, for reading, math, test prep, and so much more! If your child’s school year is off to a tough start, and he or she needs some help catching up, or if you just want to focus on an enrichment program such as developing study skills or foreign language acquisition, it’s never been easier to get started with Club Z! Our in-home tutoring model is convenient and easily fits around your busy family schedule. And as always, there are no long term contract requirements with Club Z! So now is the perfect time to help your student catch up or get ahead!

Need more proof that tutoring works? Check out this scholarly article from the US Department of Education, which states that “research has shown that well-designed tutoring programs…can be effective in improving children’s reading skills.” The research goes on to suggest that, “among the features of tutoring programs associated with the most positive gains are extensive training for tutors, structured tutoring sessions, careful monitoring of tutoring services, and close relationships between classroom instruction and curriculum and the tutoring services provided.”

With Club Z!, professional tutors are thoroughly vetted and screened, sessions are scheduled at times and in locations that are conducive to learning, lessons are monitored carefully, and our tutors and managers work closely with the student’s classroom teachers to ensure that our programs are supporting classroom learning and growth. In short, Club Z! programs are designed to help children succeed!

For more information on how Club Z! can help your child this year, call Club Z! today. Let our tutoring experts craft a tailored learning plan for your family. To find the location nearest you and schedule your evaluation, call Club Z! at 800-434-2582 today!


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