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Get Ready for the Pre-ACT

With the next registration date for the SAT and ACT quickly approaching, many parents and students are turning their attention to test prep. But for younger students who aren’t ready to take the ACT yet, there is a shorter version of the test, the pre-ACT, which provides a good introduction to this important college entrance exam.

The pre-ACT covers the same four topics as the ACT: English, reading, math, and science but there are fewer test questions. So the pre-ACT is designed to simulate the ACT exam, but with a less intensive administration. The pre-ACT also gives students a projected score for the ACT, which is a great jumping-off point for a good study program.

Why Prep for the PreACT?

So if the PreACT is simply designed to be an introduction to the ACT, why do any test preparation? Test preparation for the PreACT offers students three major benefits – 1. it gives students an increased sense of confidence heading into the test, 2. it sets the necessary groundwork for students to succeed on the ACT college entrance exam, and 3. it gives students an advantage with college admissions.

Increased Student Confidence

According to this article in the Washington Post, nearly 20% of school-aged children suffer from test anxiety. That means that 1 out of every 5 students who take the ACT will have some kind of anxiety during the exam, which could have a negative impact on student performance and the resulting test score. When you consider that the PreACT is the student’s first introduction to the ACT, it only makes sense to make that experience as positive as possible. Having a positive experience with the PreACT will help boost a student’s confidence when faced with the actual ACT down the road, helping to reduce test anxiety so that the student can perform his/her best on the test.

Advanced Preparation for the ACT

The PreACT is more or less a shorter version of the actual ACT. So any work that a student does to prepare for the PreACT will pay dividends when he/she sits for the actual ACT exam. Reviewing things like how the test is laid out, what kind of questions are on the test, and strategies to maximize speed and accuracy on the exam, can help a student perform well. The ACT test scores are submitted to colleges as one criteria for a student’s admission to college. So preparing in advance for the ACT is time and money well spent.

College Admissions Advantage

Students can elect to send PreACT scores to colleges for review and consideration as well. For students who are applying to impacted majors, or highly selective colleges, sending a PreACT score can demonstrate to those colleges that they are serious about attending. Further, a high score on the PreACT test can show those colleges how well a student may perform in a given subject, or course of study, should they be admitted to the school. These are major advantages in this highly competitive college application and admissions arena.

PreACT Prep – Get Ready Now!

If you want your student to get a jump start on PreACT prep, call the PreACT prep experts at Club Z! today. Z Prep!, the test prep division of Club Z! In-Home Tutoring, offers in-home and online test prep for PreACT and ACT, with top tutors and proven strategies for maximizing test scores. Our comprehensive PreACT and ACT test prep programs offer in-depth diagnostic testing, complete content review for English, Reading, Math and Science, as well as targeted strategy development to help students maximize their scores. For one-on-one, in-home PreACT or ACT test prep, call 800-434-2582 to connect with a tutor nearest you. Or register today for one of our ACT group online class.

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