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University of Alabama Admission Requirements

University of Alabama Admission Requirements

Preparing for and submitting university applications is a stressful period. Why shouldn’t it be? After all, the institution you enroll in shapes your future and prepares you for a highly demanding and competitive life. That’s exactly what applicants have in mind when they apply to the University of Alabama. If you’re among them, you must have a solid understanding of the admission requirements of the institution. Among the most important admission factors for the university are:

  • High school GPA
  • Standardized test scores such as ACT or SAT
  • Overall profile

Here is an overview of the University of Alabama and detailed admission requirements for the institution:

About the University of Alabama

Founded in 1820 but opened to students in 1831, the University of Alabama is a public research university located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Tuscaloosa is a vibrant and scenic town filled with museums, restaurants, sporting events, and cultural festivals.

It’s not only the largest but also the oldest public universities in the state. The institution offers degree programs in more than 200 fields of study across 13 academic divisions leading to undergraduate, graduate, education specialist and doctoral degrees. The most popular fields at the university include rural medicine, engineering, apparel design, business administration, and educational psychology.

Spanning 1,143 acres, the University of Alabama campus had an undergraduate enrollment of 31,670 in Fall 2020. The UA is largely recognized for its diverse student body and affordable tuition rates. It’s also home to a vibrant sports scene. Not only is it known for its rich football traditions and history, but the UA also offers a number of athletic programs, such as basketball, diving, cricket, ice hockey, gymnastics, and lacrosse.

University of Alabama GPA Requirements

For a real chance of getting into the University of Alabama, GPA matters big time. The average GPA for admitted students in the institution is 3.71. This means you need to be above average in your high school class. If not straight As, you’ll definitely need a mix of As and Bs, with more As than Bs. Taking IB or AP classes may help you compensate for a low GPA and show to admission officials that you can handle tougher academics than the average student in high schools.

University of Alabama SAT Requirements

If your GPA is lower than 3.71, aim for an exceptional ACT or SAT score to compensate. This way, you’ll be better able to compete with other applicants whose GPAs exceed the average. The average SAT at UA is 1184, with the 25th percentile of 1060 and 75th percentile of 1280. High quality SAT Tutoring can help you achieve an above-average SAT score.

University of Alabama ACT Requirements

If you want to submit an ACT score instead, aim for 27, the average SAT for UA. Even if you score is close to the 25th percentile of 23, maximize your chances of entering the university by seeking ACT tutoring and hitting or exceeding the 75th percentile on the retake.

How to Apply to the University of Alabama

The application fee for UA is $40. You can apply for admissions either through the UA Freshman app or the Common App. Before applying, be sure to have your high school transcript, standardized scores, application essay, proof of volunteer work and extracurricular activities, and other aspects that make your profile stronger.

Wrapping Up

By now, you should have fully understood the admission requirements for the University of Alabama. To meet the SAT or ACT requirements for the university, seek high quality tutoring from Club Z! Tutoring Services.


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